Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ideas from the Strategy Session at AMC 2009

*having meals with movies and conversations! (i.e. www.blackfeministmind.wordpress.com)
From the THIS SHIT IS CRITICAL GROUP which talked about responding to stereotypes about women of color (cis and trans) and genderqueer folks of color by building even stronger love we have the brilliant ideas of
*The Kitchen Table reading series (okay i just appropriated that name)
-it's proposed that as folks of color fighting for gender justice across multiple communities of color we would benefit from reading together and working out some of the assumptions and divisions we have between us
-seems that the idea would be to discuss readings in our local communities, possibly have calls to discuss across space and then document our insights together online?
-articles like Andrea Smith's Three Pillars of White Supremacy were suggested...any more suggestions?
-Sydette has also suggested a database that goes along with the readings that documents the process, guidelines for working through deep issues with love and interviews with each other about the readings
-Lex offers that we could use a blog to post readings as pdf's (or links to library locations of books)
*"photo exhibit to create realistic images of what young people of color look like, not what you see on the (mainstream) media" (for example: the Alternative Windows Project by FUFA and http://www.thebeautifulproject.org/)

*How We Do Certification: "make sure we aren't just talking the talk, makes sure our orgs are rigorous and fierce and practicing what they preach, flat pay scale." Guidelines, checklists, curriculum and training for how our groups and events can be truly accessible and live up to our radical values and a space to highlight groups that aredoing this well so we can emualte. Queer Renaissance's Queer of Color and Allied (QOCA) guidelines Safe Outside the System's community summit curriculum, CripChick's accessibility list and Noemi's guide for how and why to include parents are good resources for this. This would also be useful as a standard to certify institutions like healthcare providers, public spaces that aren't necessarily movement orgs...but would help us know where we can find safe affirming space.

From the Renewable WEsources Group:

*Free anticapitalist classified list (like Craig's) - Resources like: space, software, time/volunteers, hardware, skills, etc. within a radical cis and trans women of color and genderqueer folks (only) coalition or framework.
*A network of local Public TV & Radio - a network of Radical women of color that can share content, info and mobilize national when necessary; can cover large media events that are/are not local.
*A Call to Action Network (similar to what Color of Change does...online calls to action...but with an Intersectional Gender Justice analysis)
*Tool lending space that's accessible to radical women of color and allies.

Media as Healing:
*use Cyberquilting to make local and undervalued (but priceless) work visible...especially COMMUNITY GARDENING and CHILDCARE
*a publication about self-care and well-being FOR US
*a partnership with Kindred: Healing Justice Network (http://kindredhealingjustice.org/)

So holler back to this list if you are ready to get popping on any of these specific ideas

practices from many groups...:

going off the grid for resources

one on one dialogues

spray wash youtube!

better media networking between on the ground workers and online media makers

Renewable Funding Sources - Family, Friends, In-Kind Donations, Sending letters to get support.

Young people's energy, ideas, access to new technology/media.

Writing one another into our grants to have consistent sustainable income.

Share administrative tasks/roles. For example, joint payroll, accounting, grant writing, training, web development, professional services, so on.

Acces university resources (fiscal and otherwise). Like working with campus orgs to have and pay speakers and/or teachers for workshops and lectures.
Accessing university resources via students/faculty/staff for copies, printing, access to labs, etc.

Resisting the university "big business" for change and accountability. Examples given of this happening sucessfullyresulting in jobs, and community benefits.
- University contracts require community benefits within the contract that stipulate a certain amount and/or type of jobs for the community, health care standards, money to community, other stipulated terms.

Anticapitalist (and other radical stances) in fiction films that are/are not centered on that particular stance. People should see many alternatives to the current unsustainable ways of being by accident and on purpose.

Be critical about the media you consume. Try not to consume unhealthy media.

Google maps as away to share info ex. share info about toxic industry locations, safe spaces, radical women of color identified spaces.

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