Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Speak - INCITE! - Cyberquilting Chat 6-9-09

Speak - INCITE! - Cyberquilting Chat 6-9-09

Who was there --

Nadia, Adele, Stacey, Jenny, Alisa, Zachari, Alexis

What we know about the skillshare so far--

  • 3 hours and 20 minutes
  • Draft description: Shawty got skills2hare! -- join your favorite radical women of color for in depth training with some of the most awesome and often overlooked tools for organizing! Facilitators will guide participants through a 40 minute hands on experience of 4 seasons of activism. We'll sit with you and each technology and help you figure out how best it can be deployed to build the work you want to do in the world! Did you know that hating can end violence against women of color? or that urban foraging creates a bright new day? That a quilt can bring about media justice? We can show you all that and more if you stop through the skillshare workshop!
  • Time will be divided up into 4 "seasons" of media-making: a "bright new day" visioning season, an ending violence season, a media justice season and a nurturing long distance community season

What we know about the strategy session so far--

  • 15 min framing/Intro creative presentation of the definition of radical women of color media
  • Roughly 1 hour for strategizing in small groups
  • We will trust that a lot of great ideas will emerge for break-out topics, but we will also plant a few topics
  • One planted topic will be: building an online space for all of us to collaborate and supporting / bridging the online spaces that already exist
  • We need to figure out what the other plants will be, and how many
  • People will break off into whatever topic they feel called towards
  • 10 min hot potato introductions at the end, potentially: name, where your from/org, favorite superhero
  • We will pass around a video camera to collect interview introductions throughout the session ("greet your neighbor" style). We will need more than one camera in order for this to be efficient.
  • Zachari will facilitate the 2 introduction pieces
  • Alisa will be plan A for facilitating the break-out section
  • We will end with a strong "Next Steps" piece which Lex may be down to facilitate.


  • What will the 15 minute intro piece include? Presentations from the skillshare? Examples of rwoc using media as part of grassroots organizing, such as NJ7, Be Bold, Be Red? A performance/reading of the statement on the poster? A video inspired by the poster?
  • How do we want to generate the ideas for topics on the spot? Brainstorm on butcher paper? Give people 5 min to mingle around the room and talk to each other about potential topics, so people can gauge interest in their topic before proposing it?
  • How much time should we leave for small groups? Should there be reportbacks? How much time should we allow for Next Steps?
  • Who will facilitate the opening / intro part?
  • Who will be plan B for facilitating the break-out section?
  • What will the other plants be? How many "seedlings" do we want to have on deck? How many empty pots do we want to leave for participants to fill on the spot?
  • What can we call the topics, other than "topics"? "gathering points" ? "seeds"?
  • Who can draft a description of the strategy session?


Nadia said...

comment from alexis:

On the question of reportbacks from the small groups...I definitely think there should be report backs that allow the groups to talk about the next steps for the projects/issues they have been talking about. I can help facilitate the part where we distill what the general next steps are based on what the groups wanted.

Nadia said...

comment from jenny:

ask deanne about "open space technology" used at texas local 782 meeting which organized 70 people into small groups in a really productive way.

lex said...

we had also talked about a small survey right? about the needs of women of color in media? or was this a survey stacey was helping to develop for the pre-summit? just checking in to make sure it doesn't get dropped.

infinite love,

lex said...

also a comment from cyberquilting diva Fallon:...can we address how spirituality is part of our strategy for sustaining movement. how do we sustain our spirits as we work to sustain our relationships to each other and create lasting transformation through media.

maybe this could be a planted topic?

theone said...

survey - i'd like colab with whoever is working on the survey if that's possible. stacey right?

regarding the plantings, do we need anyone to furnish seeds? i have some seeds and cuttings.